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Đề tài thực tập: English speaking skills at Au Viet vocational school

Part 1: Introduction As we know in our day today, English is the language that is widely used. What do we learn English for? The answer is to communicate. What do students learn English for? Students also share a common goal like us. The job of teachers teaching English is to provide students with the basic knowledge they need, so that in the future they can develop more in their learning. Therefore, as teachers, we all want to make them able to speak and communicate proficiently in English with high frequencies. It is not easy for most students to speak well and communicate proficiently in a short time. Of course both teachers and students face many problems on the subject. We are always faced with difficulties in teaching students at different levels of ability to acquire and manipulate different skills. In teaching English, for a teacher the combination of teaching the four skills of Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing is an indispensable job, to comply with the program reformed by the Ministry of Education and Training. and issued. In order to help students, speak correctly, pronounce correctly a word, teachers need to have teaching techniques to make students easy to remember, compare, easily recognize and apply well to practice, as well as get good results on related tests. After the internship period, to share with colleagues – to help students overcome this obstacle and give them a positive habit of pronouncing and speaking skills. I myself would like to give some recommendations in order to improve English speaking skills of students at Au Viet Vocational School. I’m pretty sure that some of the problems I present in this topic, my colleagues already know. It’s easy to get used to the idea like: “We don’t have students speaking at all levels.”; “We keep doing so for them to 1
5. understand and use sentence patterns, proficient grammar points as much as possible, in order to make them achieve high scores in their tests.” In fact, in the reform program enacted and used by the Ministry of Education, students are taught the Listening and Speaking skills with the Reading and Writing skills combined with each other, but in the final exam Students will only take the test mainly by writing. That may be the reason that we do not pay much attention to student’s Speaking skills. Teaching good Speaking skills is invisible and we also help them to develop Listening skills, not only are these skills very important in daily communication but also help them achieve high scores in the periodic and regular tests. In addition, teaching good speaking skills will also help our students to be more confident when using English. 1. Scope of the study English teaching methods are diverse. Within this topic, I only study the method of studying English speaking skills. Due to the disallowed conditions, I only conducted experiments with students in English 1 classes of the the Au Viet Vocational School (76 students). The English class is twice a week, 1 hour 30 minutes each. 2. Aim and objectives of the study Find out the current status of speaking skills of Student in the Au Viet Vocational School. I was an intern English teacher so I want to improve the quality of teaching English in particular and improve the quality of education in general so the above issues make me particularly interested. And that is the reason that I study and explore to find the best solutions to apply in 2
6. teaching/studying practice, in order to improving speaking skills of Student at Au Viet Vocational School. 3. Research questions of the study The researcher wishes to raise the questions as follows:  What are the factors affecting willingness of non-major MA students of English to speak in class?  What difficulties do teachers encounter in teaching English speaking skill for these students? 4. Methods of the study To research on this topic, I use the following methods: – Surveys – The method of reading documents – Observation method – Attending professional activities, meetings of the English subject of the faculty. – Interview and small talks with students, teacher: 5. Organization of the study: The report consists of three parts: Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Content – Report on the results of the study on administrative organization and Human resource of the Au Viet Vocational school, Report the results of learning about specialized activities and the working environment of the internship department, Details of actual works were assigned during the internship period, Method of implementation, Results achieved through internship period. Giving Recommendation for English speaking skills learning/teaching in Au Viet Vocational School. 3
7. Part 3: Final Assessment and Conclusion of the Report 6. Introducing the reason for choosing Au Viet Vocational school One of the main activities of the Au Viet Vocational school is training nurses, supplying labour in nursing to abroad for working with high income. So together with the professional skills, the student at Au Viet Vocational school need to learn other language as well. They need to be able to communicate well, and English is a popular indispensable language. For that reason, I decided to choose Au Viet Vocational school for my internship period. This school focus much about the foreign language ability of the student so that made easier for me in researching the topic. 7. Research topic I took my internship period in Au Viet Vocational school. The student here is supposed to be at pre-intermediate level of English because English is a compulsory part of their course at Au Viet Vocational school. However, it is surprising to know that many of these students are incapable of using their English to talk, even in class. Moreover, the same situation exists in many other colleges and universities in Vietnam. There have been numerous studies on this situation and various solutions, recommendations and suggestions have been given, including changing teaching methods, changing syllabus or textbooks, upgrading teachers’ qualifications, changing formats of speaking tests, etc. At Au Viet Vocational school, I am in charge of teaching English for 1st year students. As per research from other English teachers, they are fully aware of the situation and encountered a number of difficulties in helping students improve 4
8. their speaking skill. This actually drives me to this research, named “Study on English speaking skills of students at Au Viet Vocational School”. 5



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