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90 đề tài intership report, báo cáo thực tập anh văn thương mại hay!

TỔNG HỢP 90 ĐỀ TÀI MẪU BÁO CÁO THỰC TẬP NGÀNH TIẾNG ANH THƯƠNG MẠI, NGÔN NGỮ ANH HAY CÒN GỌI LÀ ĐỀ TÀI MẪU INTERSHIP REPORT Marketing strategies to promote business activity at IN TECHCOMREAL Company Recruitment process and human resource management at Singalarity Joint Stock Company Business process at Royal International Travel Company Notarized translation at VUT Company, Ltd. Market orientation and product development of Saigon Export Foodstuffs and Agricultural Product Joint Stock Company Strategies for developing relations with clients at Techcfo Company, Ltd. Development of staff performance appraisal form at Factory Outlet Company, Ltd. Steel import-export business operation of 190 Joint Stock Company Contract of cargo transportation at Duy Anh Minh Transport Service Company, Ltd. Human Resources Administration at Thuan Thanh Shoe
2. Industrial Joint Stock Company Customer service at Pasal International Joint Stock Company Process of customer search and care at Pasal International Joint Stock Company Process of importing at Phuc Loc Forwarder Company, Ltd. Analysis of logistics process for sea bulk import at Asiana Shipping and Logistics Services JSC Financial activities at Mon Hue Restaurant Company, Ltd. Consultancy services for overseas education at Hoan My Travel Oversea Study Consultant Company, Ltd. Strategy of business development for e-commercial sellers at Shopee Company, Ltd. Strategies to attract potential clients of Royal International Travel Company Customer service and property management at Riviera Point Apartment Building Problems in translating contracts and other documents at VSV Service Trading Company, Ltd. Process of English course consultancy at Vietnam- Australia Society Academy PR activities at Liem Thu Company, Ltd. Marketing and branding at Breakthrough Power Corporation Activities of sales staff at PK Luxury Tours Company, Ltd. Export situation and some measures to enhance footwear export trade efficiency at Ruthimex Company, Ltd. Coffee export to the U.S. market of Intimex My Phuoc Joint Stock Company The activities of a Personal Assistant to Director at Tri
3. Tien Consulting Trading Service Co., Ltd. Product quality control at VIET NAM TOYOTSU VEHITECS Co. LTD BUILDING AND DEVELOPING MARKETING STRATEGIES AT IFRESH VIÊT NAM Process of documenting exported goods at Tu Yem Sea Food Process of building an English course using PBL method (project-based learning) The online customer service at Vietnamworks The process of handling and translating documents when applying for Visa and studying abroad at Studylink- A Company of studying abroad consulting. Process of Investigating and Consulting Customers at Pasal Sales and Marketing in Real Estate Devision at Ambition Vietnam Support planning and market development in Vietnam at Vinaned company The work of sales executives at Pasal Co., Ltd The process of releasing an online article reaching readers affectively at Hellobacsi online publisher THE PROCESS OF MANAGING TEACHER AND CLASS’S SCHEDULE EFFICIENTLY. The online marketing status of An Phu Hung Real Estate Co., Ltd from 2013 to 2016 Solutions to increase the performance of advertising new products at Lee&Tee The marketing strategy for the Seaprimexco company’s products to the potential countries Realities and Solutions to improve sales effectiveness at
4. TSG service & trading Co.,Ltd The process of getting feedback and handling problems in Rex Hotel Strategies of human resource development of Savills Vietnam HOW TO ACHIEVE THE CUSTOMER TARGET FROM IMPORTED PRODUCT The advantages and disadvantages of marketing education at S.S.G Education Investment and Development Joint Stock Company. Service customers in Golden Dragon Club Tenants’ source charecteristics & atracttive specific characteristics of foreign tourists at apartment How to assure the customer service quality at Lazada The procedure of translating document at Viet Uy Tin Company The process of handling check-in and check-out procedure at Oscar Saigon Hotel The Work Of Business Staff At New SaiGon Company Strategies to increase sales productivity at Viet Nauy Limited Company Sale Processes in Hana Home Décor and Real Estate Company Manage customer information and marketing development at Riviera Point Building. Current status as well as solutions to Riviera Point’s Management Office organizational and operational structure from Savills Vietnam Ltd The working process of a director’s assistant at PHOENIX TSIE CO.,LTD Difficulties and Benefits of translation at Vabis Hong Lam
5. International Vocational College Analysis of the import process in 190 Joint Stock Company The Marketing Strategies of Global Business Outsourcing company Improvement of customer service process at Riviera Point Apartment Building Inbound tour organizing process at Saigon Star Tourism How to improve the quality of customer service in O TO SAI GON Co., Ltd The Fine rts Auction Process in Sunreal Asia Ltd Current issues and recommendations to improve the quality of customer service in Riviera Point The marketing strategy of Internet banking in Tecapro company Customer Service Asistance in Sales Department at F1 FB Joint Stock Company Methods of appealing new customers at Dong Duong Travel Agency Assistance for customer service at Sales Department of Nha Sach Service Joint Stock Company The strategies to bring linguistic application products to the target customers The duties of an export document handling employee at Viettour Agency The Duties of a Director Assistant at Sai gon Star The Duties of a Hotel Receptionist at Phuong Hong Hotel The rice exporting process ò Viet Hung Company Limited The duties of a salesperson at Alana Nha Trang beach hotel Process of organizing an event at VietFire Company



  • PHÍ TÀI LIỆU: 50.000

  • Đăng nhập MOMO
  • Quét mã QR
  • Nhập số tiền
  • Nội dung: Mã Tài liệu – Email 
  • Check mail (1-15p)

  • Mua thẻ cào chỉ Viettel,  Vinaphone
  • Mệnh giá gấp 2 phí tài liệu (vì phí nhà mạng 50%) 
  • Add Zalo 0932091562
  • Nhận file qua zalo, email

  • Đăng nhập Internet Mobile
  • Chuyển tiền
  • Nhập số tiền
  • Nội dung: Mã Tài liệu – Email
  • Check mail (1-15p)




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