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30 bài luận ôn thi tiếng anh B1 chất lượng

Cập nhật: 15:44 Ngày 05/11/2015

Mình xin giới thiệu tới các bạn 30 bài luận ôn thi tiếng anh B1 chất lượng dùng để ôn thi tiếng anh B1


Why is it necessary to learn E?
E is the most international of languages. It is spoken all over the world. In our country E is taught in schoolswidely used in business. If we know E, we can read various kinds of E books to widen our knowledge, communicate with most foreigners easily,above all, find a good job in a business company. In brief, it is very necessary for us to learn E. If we know E well, we may have more chance of improving our lives.
The reasons why the young people prefer to live in town
While many old people dream of peaceful countrysidepure air, most young ones prefer life in towns, especially in big cities. The town can provide them with all comfortsconveniences such as electricity, drinking-water, good means pf transportation,various kinds of entertainment. They can buy everything they needget all services quicklyeasily. Moreover, they can expect to find jobs that are both interestingwell paid. There is good reason to believe that young people prefer to live in townscities because they hope to enjoy benefits of modern life.
In your opinion, which job is the most interesting? Why?
There are plenty of good jobs in our society. In my opinion, working as a tourist guide is the most interesting. Being a tourist guide enables us to know more about our country, visit beautiful placesmeet all kinds of people. Above all, when dealing with foreign tourist, we have good opportunities to practise our Ewiden our knowledge. Besides, the salary of a tourist guide is satisfactory. I will apply for a job at a tourist agencybecome a tourist guide when I have graduated from high schoolobtained a B level certificate of E.
Why are good books good teachersfriends?
I am very fond of books. I enjoy reading books at weekendwhenever I have free time. I read simple E books, which help to improve my E, I also read serious Vietnamese books on general sciences to widen my knowledge. Through these good books, I can learn a great deal more about human civilization, the wonders of nature,amazing inventionsdiscoveries of great men in the world. In addition, I sometime read hurnorous stories to relax my mindeven to remove my troubles. I wonder if there are people who can ever deny that good books are really good teacherfriends.
How do you spend an evening when it rains?
Many young people dislike a rainy evening because they cannot go outhave fun. To me it is not so boring. I can find lost of things to spend an evening when it rains. First of all, there are assignments that I have to finishlessons that I need to review for the next day’s classes. Then, I can amuse myself by playing my guitar for a while. If I am not in the mood for music, I can still join my family in the living-room for a play on televisiona video film. A rainy evening is often not much fun if one spends it doing nothing but it does seem to pass so pleasantlyquickly when one is happy with so many things one can do.

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Định dạng: DOC - Đã tải: 18 lần - Cập nhật: 15:44 05/11/2015

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